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Confession of Love!


as we know Valentine is just a week to go! and guess what we had just matched a new couple! xD

last friday, the day started with morning briefing with playing game in office but then "Tai Ko" Wai Loon as usual refused to taking part. so as punishment, he have to pick a draw "poison" from us. normally the punishment will be like singing, dancing but this time *evil smile* is totally different. rather than dancing, singing why not match him with her rumors girlfriend, Pinky? LOLx. so basicallywe prepare 5 poison for him to pick, and all of it is with a note: face to face with Pinky, and say "I LOVE YOU"!

ofcoz we shocked and compained he been cheated. so wanted to open all of poison note, thanks to siti has prepared other set of punishment. he opened others poison but is different punishment. so he got no choice but accept it. then all of us, the whole team accompany him to ING campaign as he will confess his love to his loved one. xD

enjoy the video below:

its totally EXCLUSIVE!
and i will really dead if he found this video. xD


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